Investigation/Safety Consulting Service

Focused, comprehensive investigations and mock audits include reviewing the following areas for compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety and Hazardous Materials Regulations:

  • Confirm the motor carrier has the correct level of public liability insurance.

  • Ensure that drivers have the correct commercial driver's license with the proper endorsements for the equipment being operated or product being transported.

  • Verify compliance with the controlled substances and alcohol testing requirements concerning pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion and post accident testing.

  • Review driver qualification files to establish that the driver has the proper qualifications and training.

  • Complete a detailed examination of the driver's hours of service to ensure driver has had the required restorative rest period. This would include a reconstruction of the drivers hours for the previous 8 to 14 days prior to the date of a crash.

  • Examination of the vehicle maintenance records and policies. Determine that the periodic written maintenance schedule is being followed and vehicle inspections are being completed as required.

  • Ensure that all hazardous materials are properly packaged, marked, labeled and described as required. Review documentation to see that all required training has been completed and documented.

  • Monitor CSA scores to detect positive or negative trends.

  • Review of roadside inspections, Federal and State investigative reports for accuracy and that agency policies and procedures were followed.