R. Dennis Burke

I have recently retired after 30 years as a Special Agent/Investigator for the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. In my career I have conducted over 2,000 investigations from routine to highly complex. I have assisted the FBI, EPA, NTSB and the USDOT Inspector General in criminal and crash investigations with expert testimony and opinions. I provided interpretations of motor carrier documents and how they related to safety violations.

I was the first Field Office Supervisor for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration offices located in Houston and San Antonio, Texas.

I was a lead instructor for the US Department of Transportation, Transportation Safety Institute located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I provided classroom instruction on conducting comprehensive safety compliance investigations to Federal and State enforcement personnel. 


It has been an interest of mine for several years to:

  • Assist attorneys in litigation of commercial motor vehicle crashes. My extensive knowledge of the USDOT Motor Carrier Safety Regulations makes me an excellent resource beyond the normal investigations performed by law enforcement or experts how have had little regulatory enforcement experience.

  •  I review depositions and opposing expert opinion reports to determine compliance issues and provide feedback in disputing inaccurate/misleading opinions. 

  • I provide written opinion reports to explain in detail the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and how the Guidance/Interpretations in each section are applicable in the case.

  • I explain to juries the regulations/practices in terms that are easy to understand.